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Our Sr. Principal, Jesse Josserand, has 43 Years Extensive IT Experience with 27 Years as an Oracle DBA. Click here for his CV. Use our contact page to reach us right away!

Here's and excerpt from Mr. Josserand's Bio...

My background is wide, long, and deep. I have 43 years of Industry-wide I.T. and other experience.

This includes hardware design, operating systems design, application software design and development, database design and administration... and more (through having been a CTO twice). I am, therefore, able to communicate diplomatically, knowledgeably, and effectively across all venues at all levels of staff, understanding problems, and their causes, resolving issues/conflicts, and reaching solutions.

Thus, I typically work in multiple capacities (wear 3-5 hats, as it were) on a project. Positions I've held include:
Sr. Sales/Marketing Technical Liaison
Sr. Systems Architect
Sr. System Administrator
Sr. DBA, Sr. Apps DBA
Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Technical Project Manager
Sr. Technical Manager
Sr. Projects Manager
Sr. Sales/Marketing Technical Liaison
Software Development Manager
DBA Manager, Database Development Manager
Applications Development Manager
Software Vendor Relations Manager
Sr. Director of Technology
and, as I said, CTO.

This allows you and/or your customer to save money in that I, in one body, can replace 3-5 staff positions, and am worth at least 3-5 salaries or contractor hourly rates.

Troubleshooting and triage are a specialty. I'm a “roll-up-your sleeves and get in the trenches” kind of Director/Manager. I love sharing knowledge with staff and learning from them, as well.

I am very customer-oriented and drive all activities based on that.

My I.T. and Business customer list includes:
Oracle Corp., Brown & Root, PPG, NEC, Sequent Computer Systems, Arthur Andersen, SYSCO, Smith International, Weatherford US, EDS, SHL Systemhouse, MCI, Huntsman Corporation, Bluebell Ice Cream, The State of Nevada, Harvard University, PSE&G Nuclear, Verizon Wireless, G.E. Nuclear, Stetson, Nana Corporation, Honeywell International, Fujitsu America, Nike, and others including some that cannot be named by contract or for security reasons.

Currently, my focus is Internet-oriented Project Management and Online Marketing of many products and services including:
Oracle/MySql and Web Sites Managed Services
Reseller of Godaddy Services (see TyrannoSaurusNet.Com)
Domain Registration
Website Design and Sales
Internet and Affiliate Marketing & Training
... and more.

Probably, my best attributes are:
Not being afraid to admit when I'm wrong
Not being afraid to admit when I don't know something, though I know a lot :-)
and, above all, being able to find an answer if I don't have it or it is not immediately available.

I'm a quick study. Give me the book, the person, or the machine... and I'll become the expert in short order.

If you have a business need or problem, I'm all about solutions.

...ALL Our Staff Have Exactly The Same Attitude! It's One Of Our Requirements!

We Offer You More for Less

Looking for remote managed services at a reasonable (actually, The Lowest) cost? Just give us a try and you´ll find what you´re looking for. We provide cost-effective support remotely for your mission critical Oracle, MySQL, or Other database environments. We follow recommended Best Practice standards relating to performance, security and maintenance. We monitor various aspects of databases, systems, networks, and related aspects of your environment. Our ability to monitor all of your servers and databases supplements your own team(s). We are proactive, which adds value to your own support services. Preventative maintenance is part of our offer and maintained in accordance with your site standards and defined by your needs.

Give us a try. You won't regret it! If you just need someone to take calls and open tickets, or do more than that... we're here for you and can save you the cost of and need for 24x7 support staff, on-shore or off-shore... and we're on-shore.

If you have a quote for or contract with off-shore services now, just tell us what that's costing you and we'll meet or beat it with on-shore resources!

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