Before We Talk About Our Services... Let Us Tell You About Our Attitude...

Here's our opinion on managed services... Managed services combines the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and operations functions as a strategic means of improving your IT operations at reduced levels of cost and personnel. This includes, but may not be limited to... outsourcing OS-related, Database-related, and other IT activities, production or pre-production support, as well as lifecycle build, deploy, test, ticketing and/or maintenance activities for your environments (unix, linux, windows, VMware, etc.).

Now To Our Services Typically, we provide monitoring of apps, databases, systems, and provide phone support as well as entering non-critical and critical tickets for issues reported by phone or email (or live chat, which is also available). We either do the analysis and repairs or contact appropriate authorities within your organization to do that, providing notifications from email to pager, as appropriate. We maintain high integrity in our operations and are totally accountable for the functionality and performance of the managed service. We look forward to working with you and your staff, providing whatever services your needs require.

  • Our Services and Capabilities are Perfect for Smaller Companies! In today's 24x7 online world, even the smallest of companies have around the clock IT needs. That presents problems to small budgets and small teams.
  • American Business Solutions (and our sister company,, are the Answer to those problems!
  • From minimal support, like basic monitoring, backups, restores, refreshes, retrofits, patching, and simple monitoring - reporting findings in your or our ticketing system for your day-staff to act on, to the most detailed environment support requirements including project management of off-shore teams, project coordination for around the clock builds, deploys, etc., we have you covered at a price any company size can afford! Our price is directly related to your company size, budget, profitability, and needs. So have no fear... ABS is here!